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Sf 85 86 Form: What You Should Know

The Guide describes a typical application for a, National Security Positions (NS). Federal Form 312 contains a list of all positions that the individual in a position has held within the last five years. See the information in the Questionnaire for National Security Positions (NS). Please visit our FAQ page for a list of frequently asked questions.  2. Form 312 questions.  The questionnaire for NS includes questions regarding: ‡ (1) A discussion of the specific duties for each NS position within the previous five years; and, † (2) Specific experience, knowledge, education, training, certifications, and other qualifications the applicant was qualified to have provided for the position. Generally, the following information is required in answer to each of the questionnaires for multiple-year NS. a. If required, the description and duration(s) of each particular job (including its duration for each NS position within the past three years). b. If required, the specifics of the salary or other compensation (including a list of sources for employment) that the individual received for the position in question. Please note that the maximum salary level of 455 per week is the current salary level applicable in these questions.  c. If necessary, the description and duration(s) of any other professional experience, skills, training, certification, or other qualifications that contributed to the acquisition of the NS position. d. If the NS position for which the applicant was recruited received Federal Well Grant-funded assistance, this description and any additional information that may help determine the nature of the NS position. The applicant has the opportunity to specify whether the NS position received Federal Well Grant-funded, Federal Well Grant-related, or other financial assistance, and whether it was the result of a Federal grant, loan, or other assistance program. e. If applicable, the nature and amount of the previous employment records (including date employment took place, duration, and geographic area).  f. For some NS positions within the past three years, the applicant has the choice of providing information regarding the number of Federal employees who have held this position, or the number of Federal employees who may be qualified to fill this position without experience or training. For applicants who had not previously held a Federal position, the applicant must specify the number of Federal employees who are qualified to fill this position. 3. Questions concerning multiple-year Federal government positions.

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FAQ - Sf 85 86

How do I know if I have security clearance?
As a general rule, youu2019ll remember the dozens of pages of paperwork you filled out in the form of an SF-86 or SF-85. But if youu2019re not sure (common for some military enlistees who had to fill out a lot of other paperwork), hereu2019s more information on how to check on your security clearance status: How Do I Check on My Security Clearance Status? - ClearanceJobs
I have X% in 10th, Y% in 12th and Z% in Undergrad, what should be my CAT score to make it to an IIM?
(I have created a percentile calculator updated every year (updated to CAT 2023. that can be accessed publicly. You just need to enter your credentials and it will tell you the percentile you need to get a call : Percentile Calculator. An NA implies that it is not possible to get a call, unless you're in the top 50 of your stream. Please note that these will give you a ballpark estimate, as they are based on historical data. Just download the file using save as and enter your credentials to know what you need to score)For starters, the various shortlisting criteria are available online for IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore and IIM Calcutta.Every institute has these shortlisting criteria for which they select candidates for interviews. Every institute has a minimum application score you must clear to make it to the interview shortlist.The institute that you graduate from also no bearing, except the scaling that the IIM's do with the CGPA. Most good institutes have their CGPA's unchanged, some are scaled down/up marginally.IIM Ahmedabad:The application rating cutoff this year for candidates who were not stream toppers** was .72. The application rating consists of a scaled maximum of .3 from pre CAT (10th, 12th, Undergrad) and a scaled maximum of .7 from the CAT (refer to application rating). So your pre CAT application score would be 40.5 (exactly as much as mine) and your scaled contribution to the application rating would be .27, leaving .72-0.27 = .45 for the CAT to cover. (0.45/0.7)*450 = 289.3 ~ 290 to be on the safe side. This would come to be a percentile of 99.5 to get an interview call assuming you are a not a stream topper.**From this year, IIM A has tweaked their PI shortlisting to be more inclusive. As mentioned in their application rating, you can get a call if you are amongst the top 50 of your background. Here, the application rating cut-off isn't considered and you are given a direct interview call. If you aren't in the top 50, you must clear the application rating.IIM BangaloreI wasn't able to find an online version of their PI/WAT shortlist cut-off criteria, but because they include work experience and have a good amount of weightage to their pre CAT I personally do not know anyone below a 99.75 who got a call with these credentials (assuming you are a fresher). I am also aware that they are very strongly inclined to high acads for graduation. (An important point has been pointed out by Aditya in the comments)IIM CalcuttaAn important thing to note is that they do not take your CGPA into consideration (woot for everyone who screwed up theirs!).IIM Calcutta had its cutoff as 69.96. Taking in your credentials and assuming you are a male candidate you would need 69.96 - 20 = 49.96 (out of 77) of the CAT Score which works out to 292/450 which would be 99.62 percentile. (Refer to the application rating). The cutoff is also present hereMy .02$ : Score as much as you can. Being in the 'safe zone' never works. Work hard. Score well. A very high percentile will open all interview doors to you. And the interview is really important.
How long does it take to process SF 86 security clearance in the hiring process?
In my experience, anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. There are many variables that affect the time to completion - but one in particular that greatly lengthens to process is having lived in many different places - even within the country. The background investigation WILL dispatch investigators to every location you have lived for more than a week or so, from your late teens to the present. They will interview your references, neighbors, past employers, teachers, etc. This takes a lot of time, and costs a lot of money. If you have moved every few years for a decade or more, donu2019t expect this process to be quick.
Can I round up the number 85.47 to 86?
No. The instinct might be to rationalize rounding the .47 to .50 and then 85.50 to 86. The thing to remember with rounding is that you are only going to round a place (ones, tens, tenths, hundredths, etc) up, if the quantity of the lesser placeholders is 50% or more of that of the place that will be rounded (if itu2019s greater than half). In this case you are determining whether to round the u201conesu201d place up or keep it the same (round down). Since .47 is less than half (50%) of the ones place, it must be not be rounded up. It should be rounded to 85.
How many have filled out an I-864 to sponsor an immigrant or opened their home to a refugee family?
It's an affidavit for support you can get it on line Homepage forms it's 10 pages. Get two or three or copy it in case you make a mistake.
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