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How to complete any SF 85 online:

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Naci background check usps

Instructions and Help about Naci background check usps

How we doing my name is nick i'm going through the process of becoming a cca for the post office follow me on instagram and nick venti uh comment below your timeline uh what job you're going for what job you already have uh this is my timeline uh before i apply for the post office i was a produce manager at a grocery store for four years and then after that i switched over i was a security for a little while i was a bouncer at a gentleman's club then i really needed the benefits i really needed the job security so i uh applied for the post office so when i applied it was october 28th then uh it's either that night or the next day i did the virtual assessment and it was wasn't that hard it was a lot of common sense stuff memory and then a couple days later i got the vehicle background check i had to fill out they give you five days to do it um everything's through email so you make sure you're checking your emails spam everything because everything's through email like i didn't talk to anybody until i had to do fingerprints um after after the vehicle background check uh i had to wait till november 21st which was almost a month after applying originally november 21st i got the job offer so i accepted that the next day they sent me the email the background check the very thorough background check um takes like an hour to fill out but uh you know it'll be worth in the end so um then after like a week and a half it was like december 1st i got the email for fingerprints i had to go 45 minutes down south at the post office down there and and uh do fingerprints i was just in and out i went there did my fingerprints asked the postmaster a couple questions and uh she asked me uh do i live in the town that i applied for and i'm like nah it's kind of far from me i live in this town and she's like oh well i could uh i could put you at a at a post office near you and i'm like oh that'd be perfect and then uh five days later she was like yeah i'm sending you over here and it's like 10 minutes from my house so i'm like thank god that sounds perfect so now i'm just waiting on my orientation email and uh it's been two weeks since i did fingerprints to the date so she said it takes about a month i emailed their house i was so impatient i emailed her a week ago i'm like how long does this take and she's like it usually takes about a month to get you on board so so i guess i could just gotta play the waiting game and uh ...

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