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How far back does your family tree go?
I live in Iceland, a country where genealogy has kind-of been considered the national hobby.I am in charge of a part of a project named “Íslendingabók” (The Book of Icelanders). where we have been collecting all available information on on the family trees of everyone in the whole country, and it is pretty much finished. Everyone in the country who is of Icelandic ancestry (that excludes recent immigrants and their descendants) can access this database and just look up their family tree.The trees are generally fairly complete back to 1650 or so, but due to a lack of census and church records the trees become more, well, sparse when you go further back, however, some branches will always go a long way back.Now, once you get back to 1400 or so, it is basically the same ancestors for everybody. Interestingly enough, the most recent common ancestor for the whole population of the country (again, excluding recent immigrants and their descendants), was the last Catholic bishop of Iceland, who was executed together with two of his sons in 1550. Yes, yes, Catholic bishops are not supposed to have children, but the winter nights are long, cold and dark and having a mistress was considered acceptable (it should be noted that we had no reports of the Catholic clergy buggering the altar boys).Anyhow. there is only a handful of lines that go back from 1400 or so back to 1250 or so, but the old Icelandic sagas include family trees that allow anyone to trace their ancestry from there back to the first named settlers of Iceland in the 9th century.That is where the “Íslendingabók” database stops. It basically allows anyone in the country (once again, excluding recent immigrants) to trace their family trees back for 1150 years - typically 30–33 generations.However, the family trees don’t stop there. Some of the original settlers traced their ancestry to Scandinavian nobility or royalty. (Not too far-fetched, after all, the people who moved here owned ships, so they were clearly not all just commoners), and the lineage of the kings goes back for quite a while - slowly changing from documented facts into, well….mythology.Take a look at Yngling - Wikipedia - yes, another 30 generations back and you end at Odin - the Norse god, around 60 generations ago.Is that far enough back for you?
How does the Deloitte background investigation work?
For researching records online visit aarc-people-search.com It is both general public as well as privately owned information. It will go past what a single resource is able to do for you or what search engines like google might pryou with. You will have accessibility to public record information, social networking summary, a general internet lookup, court public records, criminal history records, cell phone data (both public and private databases ), driving records and more.How does the Deloitte background investigation work?Initial ScreeningWhat happens?Your online application will be reviewed by the relevant Talent team member sourcing for the role. They will assess your skills and experience to determine your match to the key selection criteria. The job description will give you a clear understanding of the requirements for the role.When?In most circumstances a member of the Talent team will be in contact within 2 weeks of receiving your application. In periods of high volumes this may take longer.Interview ProcessWhat happens?Our interviews are competency based and are conducted by experienced interviewers:The first interview will generally be a phone screen with a member of the Talent team. This is also your opportunity to ask any questions about the role and the firm.This is generally followed by interviews with the service line you are applying for. The number of interviews varies from service line to service line.For manager positions and above, the final stage will be a more in-depth interview and discussion regarding your technical and motivational fit for the role, team and firm. This will be with a Partner from the service line you may be joining.When?As soon as practically possible, based on Partner and candidate availability.Testing (if applicable)For some roles we may require you to complete either psychometric or skills based tests or case study depending on the role and Service line.Pre-Employment ChecksWhat happens?Following the interview process if we wish to progress to the final stage of an employment offer, pre-employment checks are conducted. These include employment references and background checks which are approved by the candidate prior to initiating.When?Following finalisation of the interview process.OfferWhat happens?Following pre-employment screening and offer approval:A verbal offer will be made by the Talent representative.This is followed by a written offer sent via e-mail.When?Once offer has been approved.On-boardingWhat Happens?Once you have signed your offer letter, you will receive an email outlining next steps for onboarding and be introduced to your buddy, a member of the service line you are joining who will be available for any questions that you may have.When?Determined by the availability of the successful candidate.
How far back in time does Twitter Search go?
The results returned from search.twitter.com are not as much date limited as it they are limited by the number of results.The• size of the index fluctuates based on the number of Tweets being made 
which means, the more Tweets there are, the shorter the index period is.In short, it means that a Twitter search will return up to 1500 results.If• someone searches for a really popular term such as "Google", Twitter 
will return up to 1500 results -- and those results may only go back as 
far as one hour because the search term is mentioned so frequently. And for a trending topic, the results may only go back 5 minutes.But 
a search for tweets from a user will also return up to 
1500 results. The difference is that the results may go back 15 days. 
This is because Twitter returns the last 1500 matching results it can 
find. The less popular the term, or less frequently it's included in a 
tweet, the further back the results can go.For example, conducting a "from:KrisColvin" search on search.tweetreports.com returned 1053 results -- the last from 14 days ago. Link to results page: http://search.tweetreports.com/s...So the end results is, how far back Twitter returns results is dependent of what you're searching for.
How long does it take for Uber and Lyft to do background checks on their drivers?
It takes 3 to 7 days according to their email, but mine was approved in 1 day. Which makes it really fast and easy to get their HUGE Cash Signup Bonus, right now up to $1,000 depending on your city, and there’s No Commitment after you get your bonus, here’s a link to get the full bonus amount:https://www.uber.com/a/join/?exp...They use a company called Checkr to do the background check. I’m assuming they’ve gotten used to pumping through a pretty high volume of clients, so they’ve got it pretty streamlined. I’ve attached a copy of the email I received quoting the 3–7 days.https://www.uber.com/a/join/?exp...Here’s one of my biggest Signup tips. If you want to really speed up the process and get on the road faster, definitely visit one of the Uber Driver Centers, they’re in most every metropolitan area. If you take your car and documents(drivers license, insurance, registration, etc), they can verify your documents immediately and they do your vehicle inspection on site for free. It’s a great resource! You’ll find out your Uber Driver Center location as soon as you sign up.My recommendation is to work smart, not hard. Use it as an extra job and work only during the busiest times, when you’ll make the most. Also, the hefty Cash Signup Bonus up to $1,000 is really worth it, no commitment after you receive the bonus too, here’s the link:https://www.uber.com/a/join/?exp...((relevant affiliation per quora regulations: I drive for Uber and earn money weekly, via the methods described above, and therefore my answers may be biased))
How long does it take for Facebook to get back to you after you fill out your account form when you got locked out?
Up to 48 hrs.
How far can a space probe go out and still communicate back to earth?
It depends on the power of the transmitter and the sensitivity of the receiver.The Voyager probes, for example, have a 22 watt transmitter installed. This is pretty powerful compared to your average cell phone (3 watts) but nothing compared to a terrestrial TV station (5 megawatts). And yet it's able to get a clear signal all the way back to Earth, roughly 17 light hours away, because it's using a parabolic dish to focus the transmission and aiming it at another dish here on Earth that's roughly the size of a football field. The probe also transmits in the 8gHz band, which essentially nothing else uses to avoid having the signal drowned out by interference.If you want to extend the range, all you need to do is build bigger dishes and/or more powerful antennas.
Can we bring back species that went extinct because of human intervention? Should we?
I think there are several aspects to this question.First, feasibility. At the moment, it simply isn't possible to bring back extinct species. Aside from issues with cloning, genetic modification, and breeding back, there's the problem of the minimum viable population (MVP), which, as the name implies, is the smallest population of a species that can sustain itself. The lower bound of the MVP for Asian elephants is 266 individuals. The upper bound is over 4000[1].  That means we'd probably need to create over 250 mammoths to have a viable population.Related to MVP is genetic diversity. If you're basing the population on a single specimen then you have basically none. This means that any disease they're vulnerable to will wipe out the entire species. It also means that recessive genetic disorders are going to take a horrible toll. This is true even if you're using breeding back, since the goal is to eventually eliminate the elephant genes.The final part of feasibility is habitat. Many extinct species went extinct not because we killed them all but because their habitat disappeared. Where are you going to stick mammoths? Contrary to popular depictions, they did not live in an icy wasteland but the mammoth steppe. There's exactly one place on Earth that still has that environment. Or are you going to keep them in a zoo? Considering that keeping elephants in zoos is increasingly regarded as cruel, it's hard to justify creating an entire new species of them that will exist only in captivity.Beyond feasibility there's the issue of ecology. Many ecosystems have evolved around extinctions. As an example, wolves and bears have taken over the role as apex predator in North America. What happens if you introduce Smilodon to Yellowstone? What will happen to the elk, bison, bear, and wolf populations that have evolved in the saber-toothed cat's absence?Some extinct animals also have the issue that what rendered them extinct still exists in their native environment. Take, for example, the dodo. Contrary to popular belief, it was not wiped out primarily by hunting (though that probably was a factor). Instead, it was out-competed and its nests were raided by introduced animals like pigs and macaques. These still exist on Mauritius, so reintroduced dodos wouldn't last long.Finally, you have to consider the ethics. Why are we bringing this animal back? How much suffering will it cause? What are the costs? If we're just bringing it back for our curiosity's sake, it's hard to justify the suffering it will cause to a fairly large number of animals—I'm thinking especially of elephants and mammoths, which don't do well in captivity. Even other animals are going to result in aborted attempts, individuals that die at a young age of birth defects. Maybe that's worth it to restore a damaged ecosystem, but I don't think it is if we're going to keep it in a zoo.And what is this all going to cost? Couldn't we be spending it on better science? Actually preventing extant animals from going extinct? Preserving ecosystems as they are? Preventing the spread of invasive species? This question isn't the same as criticizing basic research for not having practical results, I'm all for researching cloning and genetic engineering. But once we have these technologies, is that the best use for them?On balance, for most species, I'm going to say no, we shouldn't bring extinct species back. It's of questionable viability, ethically dubious, and a poor use of resources.Footnotes[1] http://www.fs.fed.us/rm/pubs_oth...
How do you recover deleted text messages from an iPhone?
I’ve been living and working in China for about six years and most of my customers work in manufacturing. It seems that the only corporations being affected are U.S. corporations (in other words, factories that actually belong to the U.S.). So this trade war is really doing more harm to the U.S.  Trump is basically targeting U.S. infrastructure in China since he seems to think these manufacturing jobs should go back to the U.S. However, the actual U.S. corporations know and understand it would be suicide. American factory workers are more expensive than Chinese workers and China is way ahead in automation as well. It’s just cheaper to manufacture in China. Plus, the Chinese population, who constitutes almost 20% of the world population, is a major consumer of these goods, which helps U.S. corporations who don’t need to import since they are literally located in China. If they leave, they lose• a lot.  Nevertheless, production at these U.S. factories have gone down as a result. I suppose it would also affect their profit margins. So it’s hurting U.S. factories in China, and the body corporate back in the U.S. must be fuming at the mouth at Trump. I’ve heard from my customers that some of these corporations are looking at places like Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. to keep the cost of manufacturing low enough to still be able to compete. So the jobs are not going back to the U.S. Furthermore, most of the manufacturing plants in those other countries are also controlled by China. So the money is still going to China.  Another solution some U.S. manufacturers are apparently looking at is to use these other countries and places like Hong Kong or Taiwan as channels to keep exporting the exact same goods out of China, kind of like a back alley detour. Since the tariffs don’t apply to Hong Kong, Taiwan or neighbouring countries, these places can be used as ports from where they can export, negating the entire purpose of Trump’s tariffs. So in other words, the trade deficit can be artificially split by China to look like it went down while it really never did.  It might work. Trump just wants to look good.  So I have to be honest. This whole trade war has almost no impact on the Chinese side. Chinese and European manufacturers in China are largely unaffected. Even Google’s decision to ban Huawei form using some of their Android OS functions are having no impact here. Not a single phone in China uses Google Services or Play Store anyway since China already banned Google in 2022. Huawei phones in China mostly use EMUI, which is based on Android. They also have their own app store, and since I’m English and can’t use it, I basically download apps from Google Play, install it on my Huawei phone, and it works just fine. Probably because Android is OpenSource anyway. Anyone can download it and modify it if they want.  So I’m really not seeing any impact. People here are still friendly, everything is still cheaper than in most other countries I’ve ever visited, and life goes on. In fact, China’s Belt and Road Initiative might ironically get a big boost from this. The only thing Trump seems to be achieving right now is to sour international relationships. I think this is hurting the U.S. more.  This whole thing could’ve been avoided if Trump didn’t give massive tax cuts to Corporate America. In a sense, this trade war looks like a Republican attempt to make up for this mistake. On the campaign trail, Trump proposed a $10 trillion tax cut but insisted it wouldn’t boost the federal budget deficit because the economy would “take off like a rocket ship.” Then the opposite happened. The U.S. Treasury reported that the 2022 deficit swelled to $779 billion. That level marks a 17 percent increase over 2022. the highest in six years.  So it looks like the Trump administration is just moving from one blunder to the next, and continues to try to fix their blunders with more blunders. If this was a chess game, Trump would be playing with a king, a pawn and the little dog from Monopoly. In other words, he’s way out of his league here.
How far will a Narcissist go to get you back if he is totally out of supplies?
All humans gravitate to the path of least resistance. A narcissist NEEDS external validation of self worth. Even if you prove to be a difficult source to obtain, if you appear to be the easiest source to obtain, he will do whatever he thinks is necessary and whatever he thinks he can get away with and whatever he thinks will work. Within these parameters, there are no limits. If your validation proves too difficult to obtain, he will give up when he finds an easier way with another source. Until then, he will do whatever he thinks he can do. His perception is distorted, and he can become desperate, so the lengths he will go to can become quite shocking.
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