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What comes up on a background check?
Speaking as an employee of a prominent background screening firm, I can tell you most employers, as a general rule, are simply verifying the information you have provided to them on your resume, CV, and/or application. This can include your past employment, your education, any certifications you've earned, and criminal history. Certain types of jobs will require much more in-depth screening. This may include checking sex offender/predator databases, pulling your credit history, pulling your driving records, and checking for business and other licenses, among other things.Most employers require some type of drug screening, again depending on the type of job. This can range from the standard 5 drug pee-in-a-cup test to a 15 drug screen hair follicle test. Jobs involving dangerous situations--long haul driving, armed security, handling large sums of money, etc.--will typically require more detailed testing. Again, the average employer hiring for an average job will just require the basics. Here are some suggestions which may help you:Do not lie or stretch the truth on your resume, CV, and/or application. Just don't. You will look stupid at best and undesirable at worst. Explain any gaps in employment if you've had any in recent years.If you have skeletons in your closet which you know may be detrimental or at least frowned upon, tell the interviewer/employer up front. Be honest, and give only the bare basics. Don't offer too much information, because, well, TMI. If you have a legal issue, whether criminal or civil, say so, but give the cleaned up, short version and let it be. Not being up front about this sort of thing means only one thing: the employer will have an unpleasant surprise which you will then have to explain. Explaining things after they spring up is lot more difficult than explaining before the background check (which isn't easy, I know).Know your important dates and milestones. If you can't remember while filling out an application, get up and find the documentation. Pras accurate information as possible. I am amazed every day by people who do not know when they graduated from high school/college/graduate school. Seriously? If I had earned a Master's Degree, I assure you that would be a date indelibly etched in my memory...and I tend to be forgetful. On the same note, you really should know what school you earned the diploma or degree from, don't you think? A recent example which made me think, "no way I'd hire you!" is the person who said on his application he earned his high school equivalency (GED) through the military while serving in 1983 but submitted a copy of a high school diploma from an actual high school (not a GED testing site) showing a graduation date of 1979. Hmmmm. Know who writes/wrote your checks. If you say you worked at ABC Company but you were actually placed there by XYZ Staffing Agency, you look like an idiot. An idiot and/or a liar...because I will have to close that verification as not verified. When providing employment information, remember your employer is the company or individual whose name is on your paycheck. Simple. When in doubt, list both companies on the same line, ie: ABC Co./XYZ Staffing. That way, you're covered. Prvalid work phone numbers. Don't put your BFF's cell phone or the direct line for that one manager who really liked you. We couldn't care less. We verify through authoritative sources, which means Payroll, Human Resources, or whomever has access to the employee records. We aren't looking for glowing tales of your office prowess. We want to confirm your position, dates of employment, and sometimes salary. Oh, and we may ask if you are eligible for rehire. One more thing: if you worked for any type of chain restaurant, store, or fast food, please be specific about the location. Telling me you worked for McDonald's in Houston, Texas is not helpful. There are 50 - 100 McDonald's locations in the Houston area. I need details--phone number, street address, or, best of all, franchise company name. Throw me a bone, here, please!To summarize, give honest and accurate information, and be cooperative if any questions arise during the screening. Doing so will make the entire process go smoothly and quickly. It will help eliminate issues which can cause something to be "not verified". Lastly, it will increase your desirability and may help you land the job.
What is a NACI background check used for?
A very good site to visit is checkingrecords.com Its both public as well as privately owned information. It will go past what a single resource is able to do for you or what search engines like google might pryou with. You will have accessibility to public record information, social networking summary, a general internet lookup, court public records, criminal history records, cell phone data (both general public and privately owned directories ), driving information plus more.What is a NACI background check used for?The National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI) is a background investigation primarily for federal employees who will not have access to classified information. This investigation is appropriate for positions designated as public trust positions that require responsible and trustworthy employees, but with no national security impact.The primary reason that the NACI is not an appropriate investigation for a security clearance is that a credit check is not required. When a security clearance adjudicator makes a clearance determination, the decision is based on the whole person concept as related to 13 adjudication criteria. These criteria are designed to help assess whether or not a person has demonstrated trustworthiness to protect classified information. Trustworthiness depends on a person’s allegiance to the United States, character and health issues. For example, what a person spends money on, timeliness of payments, relationships, and etc. are identified in credit reports. The credit check goes a long way in addressing all three issues. Therefore the NACI is not thorough enough to make a security clearance determination.An example of a position that requires a NACI is for those performing information technology roles. These professionals are privy to sensitive but unclassified government and contractor information that reside on computer systems and networks. This information includes, technical data, personal records, contract data, programmatic details and etc. Because of the sensitivity, a background investigation is required.The NACI is good for 5 years and the elements include a completed National Agency Check where federal agencies databases are queried and a law enforcement check. Written correspondence is required to verify education, employment and character references.
How should I fill out an employment background check form if I have a criminal history? (The background check is post-offer.)
When looking for records on the net try a website such as backgroundtool.com It is both open public and also exclusive information. It will go further than what just one supplier is able to do for you or what yahoo and google might present you with. You have entry to public information, social websites analysis, a all round world wide web research, court public records, criminal offender records, mobile phone data (both open public and exclusive repositories ), driving information and a lot more.How should I fill out an employment background check form if I have a criminal history? (The background check is post-offer.)Understand Employment Background ChecksWhat Is A Background Check? - An Employment Background Check may be best described as an Application Verification. An employment background check allows an employer to verify information provided by an applicant on a resume or job application. Independent sources such as criminal and civil court records, prior employers, educational institutions, and departments of motor vehicles are researched. The information obtained is then compared to the information provided by the applicant and reviewed for any negative material.Most Employers Do Background Checks - Most employers do some form of an employment background check. This can be as simple a reference check, or as in-depth as covering everything from criminal record checks to interviewing friends and neighbors.Why Employers Do Background Checks - Employers conduct background checks to meet regulatory, insurance, and customer requirements, increase applicant and new hire quality, reduce workplace violence, avoid bad publicity, protect against negligent hiring liability, reduce employee dishonesty losses, reduce employee turnover, and hire the right person the first time. An employer has the obligation to pra safe workplace for employees, customers, and the public. See Why Background Checks?What Do They Look For In A Background Check? - Employers look for discrepancies between an applicant’s claims and what is reported by schools, prior employers, etc. They also look for negative reports such as a bad Driving Record or a Criminal History that would impact the applicant's job qualifications. See What Do Employers Look For in a Background Check?What Is In A Background Check For Employment? - Anything from an applicant's history CAN come up. It depends how detailed the background check is, who conducts the background check, how far back they go, who they talk to, what information they check, and what laws apply in the particular situation. If there are any black marks in an applicant's past, it is pretty hard to keep them a secret. See What Shows Up On A Background Check For Employment?A typical basic background check may include county criminal record checks, a social security number scan, employment history verification, and education verification. Depending on the job, a more complete background check may include common items such as a motor vehicle report, a credit report, license and certification verification, reference checks, a sex offender registry check, or county civil record searches. See Comprehensive Background Check.Your Rights - The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) is the primary federal law regulating employment background checks. Despite its name the FCRA applies to all employment backgrounds checks conducted by a third party whether they include a credit report or not. See A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.In addition to the FCRA, there are many other Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations that may impact a particular employment background check. See Background Check Laws & Regulations.
How can I find out for sure if there is a military base in Lagos, Nigeria? How do I find a soldier and do a background check?
Things to look out for:Original contact is unsolicited (random facebook request, etc)Contact is overseas, or somewhere hard to get to from where you areContact will escalate the relationship as rapidly as possible, moving to ‘we have to get married!• even before meeting in real life for the first time.Contact will soon need funds forTicket/travel to visit youUrgent medical care for themselves/mother/childEmergency funds after they were robbedReplacing something they have lost/damaged and are threatened with loss of job/in fear of their life - common in the ‘fake military person loses gun• scamWays to check if it’s a scamDo an image search on google (it’s easy). Does the image they have sent you appear connected to any other names? They often steal them.Google their name (in quotes), and possibly add their location. If you are lucky something clear comes up, and you can compare it to what they say - especially things like company profile pages are useful, as these are less likely to be fake. You may also see reports about someone with that name being a scammer. BELIEVE THEM. The scammer has sent out loads of requests, not just to you.Look out for inconsistencies. They are often working on several people at the same time. They may call you (or themselves!) by the wrong name, get confused about who in the family is sick, where they live or what they do, or even their age.They may well suggest you keep the relationship a secret from friends and family. This is because they know an outside observer is far more likely to notice the scam.They will often avoid video chats, as they are working off a script which is harder to do face to face. They will have loads of excuses as to why, even though the have a computer and internet connection.If you say you cannot afford to send them money, they will ask if you have anything to sell, or can get a loan. Would anyone who really loved you demand you get a loan to help them?If you do forward them some money, they will have a great excuse about needing more. The medical treatment was more expensive. The criminals demanded more. They need a bribe to pay for a travel visa. This will continue until you catch on or run out of funds.Money will be requested through untraceable, irreversible means, most often Western Union, but some will ask for other things that are easily converted back into cash, like iTunes vouchers.
Is it possible to be fired after starting a new job after a background check at a company like Google or Apple? What do those background checks include?
Let's start with, yes you can be terminated if your background check highlights something concerning especially if you haven't disclosed this in advance.Most companies will check to ensure that what you have claimed on your resume/CV is accurate:You actually did work at X in Y positionYou do have a degree from So and So UniversityYou really were caring for your sick granny and weren't in prison.The rest is to make sure that you do not pose an unacceptable risk:Criminal record check - to make sure you're honest or at least they know what they are taking on.Financial check - are you likely to attempt to defraud themMedia check - will you bring them into disrepute.Provided you are honest at interview and the background checks match what was said then there is nothing to worry about. It's when you've lied (even by omission) that they may terminate as the Company is likely to have lost trust and confidence in you.
What are the steps to fill out a check properly?
First use black or blue ink pen. Do not use red ink. If the check is a draft type where it leaves a carbon copy, use a ball point pen.Write in your best handwriting each required item. I will presume a US bank check (and not a money order). I think it is most important that each item is clear to read rather than it being fancy.If you keep a register, start by filling out next check entry. Subtract amount from your balance. This is how you check that you have sufficient funds when you write your check.Date: Write out month, day year. (I use “January 1, 2017”) If the year has changed remember to update that when you write checks in January.Payee: Write out in your best writing who is to receive your check. It might be a company name. Or it might be a person’s name. Some banks are particular about this so be sure you have entered correct name.Amount: Enter amount in dollars and cents. Make it hard for anyone to add other digits to amount. $100.00Amount written out in words: This confirms and supports your amount in digits. “One hundred and no/100”. I like to add a line after that to avoid anyone putting anything there.Memo: I always fill this out as an additional note and a reminder after check has been processed.Signature: Sign check with your name.Checks today are processed either instantly or in a few days depending upon method of payment. Keeping good records and doing regular account reconciliation will help you write good checks that do not bounce.
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