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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Security clearance drug use mitigation

Instructions and Help about Security clearance drug use mitigation

Hello my name is Marta Brooks and I am a pharmacist and president of a health care regulatory consultant he communications company located in between Ohio pro in communications thank you so much for taking a few minutes of your time to view this video encapsulating my special article that is upcoming in the mayo clinic proceedings entitled mitigating safety risks of drugs with a focus on opioids our risk evaluation and mitigation strategies the answer I was prompted to write this article given the current state of risk evaluation and mitigation strategies or realms as I will refer to them as it's not only a matter of healthcare policy but patient access to safe and effective medications it is a timely topic and relevant given the ongoing efforts to improve the implementation the effectiveness of rome's programs as mandated by the FDA safety and innovation Act of 2022 which is actually an extension of the 2012-2022 mandate approximately forty percent of all newly approved drugs have some level of safety restrictions including Rams so today's REMS is really sort of the flavor du jour of setting the standard for improving the benefit risk profile of rams drugs so what are runs they are enforceable instruction plans designed to mitigate the specific risks of specific drugs examples of some of those risks include severe liver damage allergic reactions and those are just a couple of examples Rams do vary in their scope and complexity depending on the magnitude of the risks that are need to be mitigated some of the common REMS elements include med guides which have actually been around for a while and then there are other elements and as you can see from the figure on the screen there's increasing levels of risk and therefore different elements to address that risk and this is also included in table 1 within the article the core issue is whether this latest attempt at mitigating safety risk is achieving its intended outcomes ie mitigating risk of effective medications or are there unintended consequences such as creating an extra burden on the health care system and providers as well as perhaps limiting access to medications for patients the approved shared grounds for extended release and long-acting opioid analgesics is or earlham ramesses I will refer to it provides an excellent lens to which to examine the issues arguably the opioids are one of the compelling reasons that we've moved to Rams and the non-medical use of opioids can really trace some of its roots at least back to the approval of in 1996 where we saw an explosion of the illicit availability and abuse of opioid narcotics the figure that's now on your screen is showing the consequences of this available in the sense that there is a dramatic rise in overdose deaths since 1999 from opioid analgesics if we fast forward to present day with the approval of Zohydro we are we have that being the first.


Should I lie about drug use to MEPS if I have already applied for a security clearance and included my drug history in it?
Yes! Well, maybe. If you applied for a clearance outside of DoD, then MEPS will be unlikely to get access to your SF-86. MEPS is out of touch with reality when it comes to drug experimentation and they make a huge deal about everything. I am in the know, and can tell you that for MEPS you want to deny ALL drug use and do NOT report any medical conditions.If you applied for a clearance with DoD, then they may be able to access that…so you now have to be forthcoming.
Why didn't Kushner have his attorney fill out his security clearance forms correctly the first time?
I think number one, was that Jared Kushner does not want to fill out the questionaire completely. He knew he had a, ahem, troubled past and that past would flag his application. Two, you have to fill it out, ultimately, yourself. You must certify, under penalty of perjury, it is true and correct. The lawyer could not know for sure what is “true and correct” except by taking Jared Kushner’s word for it. Third, I am not sure it requires a lawyer. The form is straight forward, you tell them what they want to know. There is no negotiation and there is no strategy (unlike tax forms, for instance, where what you do can reduce your taxes.) For a clearance, you tell them what they want to know. Obfuscation is not a legal option. I filled out one and it was a long time ago but it wasn’t that hard. Unless you have a problem!
Are there tricks, drugs or ways to recover lost memories or to fill in the gaps or flesh out memories?
Yes. Hypnosis can be used for exactly this purpose. I would suggest you start with self-hyposis. The simplest form of this is auto-suggestion. You write down exactly what you want to achieve. And you put it in the present tense. So, “I clearly remember the time when …” and not “I will clearly remember the time when …”. Make sure that the statement you have written down is just the thing you want, and that this will satisfy you once this is the case. And write it down ‘nicely’! Meaning on a nice piece of paper, clearly and cleanly, no crossings out or corrections. Then you have it somewhere handy, like by your bed, and you look at it at least twice a day, morning and evening. What you are doing is priming your unconscious mind with this suggestion. It is important to relax as much as you can before you do this. Sit and let your mind go as quiet as you can, and then say this statement to yourself a few times. This is an affirmation. They usually work, but it may take time. It also helps if you can summon up the feeling of what it will be like when this objective is reached. Chances are that after a while you will find your statement being fulfilled. For further instruction on this kind of thing Shakti Gawain’s book Creative Visualisation is brilliant. The book on Silva mind control is also a well respected classic.
Will drug use in highschool affect a security clearance if you have been sober for over a year (I'm 19 nearly 20)?
Depending on what drugs were used. But the drug use doesn't just affect your security clearance, it affects your ability to even join the military.Disclaimer: I am not saying to lie. But I have a soft spot for people who want to join the military, but one mistake might make it so the can't join the military.If you "forget" to mention your prior drug use, make sure you have cut your hair a lot since then. Because if you have long hair the can go back pretty far looking for drug use, using hair follicle test.
How (and why) are polygraphs used for security clearances?
for important national security position you want to make sure you have the right person and a level of integrity beyond what alot of people possess, that would be why notes from the FBI CIA or NSA directors are regarded as evidence
What can someone do to fill the void of drug use?
When I find out I’ll let you know. I’m coming upon a year, no opiate use. I still feel like I lost someone I love very much. It’s like a bad break up and I still love the person.I smoke pot, that’s my one big vice, and it is one of the best mood stabilizers I’ve ever used. I replaced lithium with thc, (bi polar type 1) and it works wonders. By nature I can be a very depressed person, but post drug use, that depression is capable of reaching much lower depths. It very hard to stay sober, some days I can’t think of a single good reason not to use, even my little boy who I quit for in the first place. I just think “I’m not going to be of any use as a father” because besides addiction, opiates regulated my mood. I was better able to cope, more patient and relaxed. Using didn’t make me a bad person, like many drug addicts the drugs improved things if anything, which is one of those dangerous truths that haunt some drug addicts.I’m in a good relationship, she stuck by me throughout my addiction and she’s still here. I had NO sex drive when I was using, we would go weeks maybe even months a few times without having sex. The desire is back, and we have sex a lot. We get kinda weird (I’ll spare the details) but its a healthy enjoyable thing for humans to do, it’s definitely intoxicating. We also have a strong relationship in other ways, we go on “dates” now a lot more. Sometimes we just jump in the car and drive for hours just to get some sushi from a really good hibachi place in Lexington, Ky. We go to horror movie conventions and I actually have money for autographs and merch now.I take care of my son full time, so I have a lot of work on my hands most days. He’s my only kid, just turned 1, and I love it, I love being a father. He’s the weirdest little dude. Having this little person to stay alive for helps more than anything.I also used Kratom as a heroin replacement after trying to use as replacement therapy, but found it harder to get off of than real heroin ( withdrawal can last up to a month) so I still take Kratom, and it’s enough for now. It really doesn’t do too much, but it calms my nerves enough that I don’t instantly think of going back to a needle when bad things happen.Sometimes it just sucks. I wish I never knew what opiates even felt like in the first place. When something difficult happens I can’t help but imagine how much easier it would be to deal with it if i had a shot. But being clean is one of the only things I can pat myself on the back for. Sometimes I just keep at it because I think I can’t, I KNEW I could never get this far. It’s a macho thing, I do think it makes me tough. It’s evidence for me that I am a good father. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I’m very proud of myself. I’m not ashamed to say so.
How do I reinstate a DoD, top secret/bi-security clearance for use in the civilian sector, or obtain a public trust security clearance?
a2a: I’m not sure I understand your question. A DoD clearance is for the specific purpose of accessing DoD specific information that’s deemed to be sensitive or critical to national security so as to require you to have a clearance to see it.If you’re in the civilian sector, not working on DoD stuff • then you have no need for a DoD clearance. Now, if you’re working for a private firm but on contract to DoD • then there’s no real difference in the clearance that you get or its need/use: its about the information you’ve been asked to work with, not the employer on your paychecks.Private sector companies may ask you to undergo a background check .. but i’m not really aware of a private sector non-government related “clearance” process to go through so that you can handle non military/non government information.Public trust is just a lower level clearance for government work • but it can only be granted for the purposes of a job with the government that requires it. You can’t just “get a clearance” and stick it in your pocket for later, you have to be cleared for a specific job that requires it.
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